Hat tip to @mathew - I just learned that France had a graeter than 720i broadcast standard in the 1940s!

That's Astounding.

I gotta find some old french gear, I guess.

HD broadcasting in 1948!


The sets were 4:3 of course, but basically they were 4:3 720i black and white.

(in practice it was actually more like 816×736 px vs 720's 960×720, but also it was analog so the minor differences were probably lost anyway.)

The standard was used in to the 80s, but I'm having a really hard time finding any information about it.

If you're french, and you know what this was called in france, please let me know!

Here's a thread where some folks are driving 819 line sets from a VGA cable: vintage-radio.net/forum/showth

and from a converter box that doesn't appear to be sold anymore.

I wrote a blog post summarizing the things I learned about HD broadcasting in the 40s:


The big takeaway from the blog post is that I need a Teleavia P111, and that I need to rig up a board that converts 720P HDMI to the ~730i RF signal that this thing would be expecting.

And a power supply.

@djsundog I've got the "submit offer" dialog open in the next tab.

@ajroach42 if this one newatlas.com/teleavia-type-p11 went for 2400 pounds in 2009 (in better condition arguably) I'd say they're lucky to get US$3,000 for theirs imo but ymmv yolo etc


@djsundog That was my thought exactly.

Figured maybe 2500 (on the assumption I can fix it and generate signals for it.)

@ajroach42 I could see it. it's not like they've got people beating a path to their door at 10k lol

@ajroach42 woohooooo! congrats, I can't wait to meet it and then get my grubby lil fingers into it ;)

@djsundog Right? We're going to have our work cut out for us, I imagine.

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