Hey someone who hasn't been awake since for 16 hours double check me please:

This says it runs at 110 - 240 volts, 50 hz, right?

Which means I'll need a power transformer to take me from 60 hz to 50 hz, but I won't actually need to change the supplied voltage from US single phase power?

Does that make sense? I feel like it doesn't, but i can't figure out why.

@ajroach42 a) those are FREAKING GORGEOUS, and b) it _may_ use the line frequency for timing frames. I don't see where it's doing that on the schematic, though, so maybe not... You ought to ask @crtdude on Twitter if he knows.

@elb Thanks.

CRT dude says it won't break anything, and it might even work on 60 hz so I guess I'll try it.

@ajroach42 That was my guess, too, but he's the man to check with!

@ajroach42 You can always try to play your SECAM source 20% too fast. ;-)

@elb black and white set (that supports the french pseudo-HD standard from 1949), so no SECAM here.

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