Hey someone who hasn't been awake since for 16 hours double check me please:

This says it runs at 110 - 240 volts, 50 hz, right?

Which means I'll need a power transformer to take me from 60 hz to 50 hz, but I won't actually need to change the supplied voltage from US single phase power?

Does that make sense? I feel like it doesn't, but i can't figure out why.


Alright, the consensus is that it'll probably run at 60hz no problem, and I'll have to set a switch or a jumper to make it okay with 110 volts.

I can figure that out when it shows up next week and I variac it up.

@ajroach42 If you see the thing at the lower left of the first page of the schematics that says "BC", I _think_ that's 100V vs 200V power range selector, and it looks like it plugs in in one of two positions and wires the two primary coils in different configurations depending on the mains voltage. Then I suspect the fuse can be easily jumpered to 0, +10, or +20 (the top three taps on the upper half of the primary) to make up "in between" voltages. 1/2

@ajroach42 Since we're now at more like 125 V, you may want to use the +20 tap instead of the +10 tap.

You can check all of this with the variac, of course! 2/2

@ajroach42 @elb it does. totally just discovered a guy at citroen designed that set :) they’re gorgeous.

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