Any idea what these connectors are?

The bottom ones, I mean.

Labeled "video" and "RF"

@ajroach42 I think both the connectors are PL259 type used on old CB radios (but you would use 75R coax), I'm guessing at "video" being baseband composite video and "RF" maybe being a VHF modulator to show the picture directly on a TV set without composite input...

@jelora Any idea what format I'm going to get out of that "video" line? There's no way it's just composite pre-1955 right?

I wouldn't be surprised if "Video" is a simple b&w composite signal

@jelora @ajroach42 Composite is only for color signals, but it's both forward and backward compatible with B&W video.

RF is the modulated video signal, for connecting to a TV antenna input.

@ajroach42 with gaming consoles the RF (which I guess stood for radiofrequency?) usually was just the connector used to get the output to a TV with an antenna (coax?) cable.
So, perhaps to get the output of this camera directly to a monitor screen?

@FiXato yeah I figured that was just TV RF (although it's scanline free apparently??) I was trying to find the name of the plug type. Now I know.

@FiXato @ajroach42 yeah its what everyone said above. if its scanline free thats because the camera itself (if i am understanding the front of it), generates its own noiseless signal..

(and correct, a small monitor to watch what the camera settings are (and make sure you like them), and then another line out to actually record the signal, ….OR >>> you can alternatively split (but amplify and condition first) the signal coming out of the tv that you’re using for display

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