I am once again coming to you asking for your favorite Fan Films and independent productions, no budget films, home made TV shows, and narrative podcasts.

I'm specifically looking for fiction, I'd prefer stuff that is distributed DRM free and has a download option, but I'll yank it off Youtube if I need to (I don't have fast enough internet at home for streaming, we're basically on ISDN speeds.)

I'll share some of my favorites in the comments.

Voyage Trekkers is a Star Trek Adjacent series, mostly comprised of shorts. They have done a single TV style episode and it's pretty good:

and their website has all the details:

(hat tip to @dmoonfire for telling me about this one, I think?)

Here is a horror/unintentional comedy called It Came For Friendship, but Found Food:

This one was finished in 2010. I haven't seen the whole thing yet. I heard about it for the first time a few weeks ago.

The cinematography is slightly better than you'd expect, and the acting slightly worse. It seems like it will be fun.

Here's a sci-fi action block buster that appears to have been animated using consumer software from 1997 called The Exigency:

It's bizarre. It's only available from Amazon or on Blu-ray. Entirely independent production. Occasionally well done, mostly just bizarre.

Here's Star Wrek: a feature length, Finish star trek parody released in 2005.

There's the Pink Five Saga: a series of comedic star wars fan films from a decade ago.

(These were, at least when I saw them for the first time as a teenager, very funny.)

Continuing down the Star Trek path, A Light in The Darkness was pretty solid:

There are the Tolkien fan films Born of Hope and The Hunt For Gollum:

These are also pretty solid. The acting is mostly good. The effects aren't horrible. They managed to assemble a huge cast of extras for the big battles.

They're not Peter Jackson, but they'd have worked as made for TV movies.

There are, of course, dozens of Star Trek fan films (some of which don't even feature known horrible people)

Star Trek Continues was the best technically, and featured Grant from Mythbusters as sulu.

but continues stars Vic Mignogna who is apparently a bad person in lots of different ways.

There's also New Voyages, which varies Wildly in quality from episode to episode, but is usually pretty solid:

New Voyages/Phase II has a lot of really great moments, in spite of the low production values.

This episode features Walter Koenig returning as Checkov:

And this one has George Takei reprising his role as Sulu:

The best episode of New Voyages, IMO, is the 90 minute "Blood and Fire"

It still looks like a Fan production rather than a professional shoot in ways that I still can't fully quanitfy, but it's a Good fan production.

Of course! Star Trek fan films have a long and rich history that goes well beyond Continues and New Voyages.

For example, there's starship farragut which did some Animated Series style episodes which are basically perfect:

and here's one of their live action episodes

which... well it's a fan production done on no budget with extensive use of green screens in 2008 or so, and once you've gotten passed those things it's pretty good.

Leaving Star Trek behind for a minute, here's The Knights of New Jersey - A workplace sitcom about a ren faire -

@ajroach42 My favorite is Kitumba, and not because I was in it.

I miss New Voyages. My family and I would venture out to Ticonderoga, NY every year (work permitting) and spend several weeks there working on the shoot. I used to do digital ingest as well as set construction and grip work.

Loved every minute of it. sigh Then Axanar happened, and ruined it for everyone.

@vertigo I wish we could get that kind of community around a real indie production.

@ajroach42 @vertigo The advantage of piggy backing onto Star Trek is that you already work in a frame of reference that people agree on. A greenfield movie SciFi project: Pointy ears, yes or no? Are the costumes too crazy? Should it feature weapon noise in space or not? There would be no end to it.

A commercial production has a show runner who calls the shots (and pays everybody else so even if they gnash their teeth when they disagree they get the job done). Projects running on donations or by volunteers can't do that.

Best I could think of is if some author releases their popular work for such a project and act as tie breaker when there's grave disagreement on how to translate it onto the big screen: That way there's a common goal to aim for.

@patrick @vertigo Sure, it's easier to deal with cannon when you piggy back on to existing works, but the fanfic community rarely gives a shit about cannon, so I don't see why we couldn't play by the same rules with community video.

I am going to try a thing today.

@ajroach42 wait, are you referring to a specific person here?

@Canageek Vic has a couple of pretty serious allegations against him, and filed a bunch of pretty frankly ludicrous lawsuits in the wake of it all.

Also, according to some accounts I've read of his on set behavior at least, props that he did not make or own tended to go missing around him.

It's a shame, because he's a better Kirk than the shat, IMO.

Mentions of sexual harassment/assault 

@ajroach42 @Canageek Vic Mignogna's issues are more discussed in anime fan comminities since he's a primarily a voice actor (his most iconic voice is Edward Elric from Full Metal Alchemist). As far as I know he's only faced civil lawsuits regarding sexually harassing (and sexually assaulting? Not rape but groping and kissing) unwilling fans, some of whom were minors.

I dont have the details if they're solid but he's very suspect.

Mentions of sexual harassment/assault 

@oct2pus @ajroach42 OH, I somehow skipped over that sentence in hte middle! I apologize.

Mentions of sexual harassment/assault 

@Canageek @ajroach42 did not get to see your response but I think my wording was poor to begin with and downplay the severity, the accusations are very serious and I personally do not trust the man and would recommend not trusting him as well.

Mentions of sexual harassment/assault 

@oct2pus @ajroach42 Yeah, once I saw the name I was like OHHHHHH him. I've seen the anime community talking about what a shitstain he is

@ajroach42 @Canageek He is also suspected of stealing a number of props from the set of New Voyages. He decided to start Continues after a severe falling out with James Cawley. If true, at least some of the props used on his show may have been stolen from New Voyages around that time.

@ajroach42 if Into The Black didn't get cancelled I'd be raving about it but since we live in the bad timeline I'll just :mousecry:

@ajroach42 it was a Firefly fan series that never got finished.

@ajroach42 For audio shows I adore Magus Elgar, Wolf 359, & The Red Panda Adventures!

I find basically all The Blender Open Movies (CC-licensed computer animated shorts driving the development of Blender opensource 3D animation tool) very charming. Sprite Fright should be coming out in a couple of months now. Quite well-known in FOSS-circles, appearing in most our advertising.

Man From Earth & it's sequal Man From Earth: Holocene has some interesting storytelling.


@ajroach42 What are these shows about?

Magus Elgar is an ensamble fantasy comedy about some magi tidying up after a particularly disastrous experiment, with the help of some "scientists" from another world they met in the process.

Wolf359 is about a small spacestation crew orbitting red dwarf store Wolf359 looking for alien radio transmissions. Amusingly relatable especially during COVID19.


@ajroach42 The Red Panda Adventures is a cheesy superhero show set in depression/WWII-era Toronto, Canada. Most closely resembling Batman, but supernaturally good at hypnosis & ashamed of his wealth. Expertly capturing the stories & reality of 1930's, it's absolutely everything you could want from superheros!

Man From Earth is about a man who sometimes claims, sometimes denies being an immortal caveman from prehistory.

My full list so far:


@ajroach42 Currently I'm listening to King Falls AM & catching up on a fair few other podcasts. Though King Falls is sounding a bit tame compared to the utter absurdity of Welcome to Night Vale.

They're both radio shows from weird fictional US small towns.

Still worth recommending for those who can't stand Night Vale...

4/3 Truly done.

@ajroach42 Let me tell you about Computer Boy, a 2000 Matrix parody. Borrows several locations from the real movie, is low-budget enough to have had to sneak in to some of them. You can get a very low quality version from
@ajroach42 not gonna lie, it's heavy on the sort of toilet humour that I grew out of... shortly after 2000. But it has its moments.
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