Vfx commission 

Hi! I'd like to hire someone to do some blender work, specifically of ships flying in space, around planets and stuff.

That's it. Two original-ish ships, rendered in a dozen or so shots each.

I dunno how much this kind of thing costs, but I'm sure I can pay a reasonable rate.

Vfx commission 

Also interested in folks for just doing 3D model work, if that's more your style, and maybe a video editor/producer when the time comes.

Vfx commission 

@ajroach42 I could put you in contact with my employer if that's something you'd be okay with? (i've zero idea of rates and such tho).

I'll boost for exposure nonetheless!

Vfx commission 

@ajroach42 Sorry for the spam, but maybe using the #b3d hash tag helps.

And maybe @aenderlara might be interested?

Vfx commission 

@minkiu I was more looking to work with a freelancer or a small team than a company, but if this is the kind of work your employer does, I'm happy to talk with them.

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