Alright, doing some AV1 vs HEVC extra low bitrate testing, finally.

Results so far are that HEVC encodes 10x as fast, but looks significantly worse.

With AV1, I managed to get the file down to 30Kbps average, and looking ... fine? Like, better than stuff I've sat through intentionally.

I did some bullshit to make that happen.

This video is 720p and 68Kbps. for 512KB in total.

This one is 320p and right around 30Kbps, for a total of 262KB.

Both of these are pretty substantially larger than the one I did for the small file media festival, but they look significantly better.

Well, I say "substantially" but what I mean is "less than 10Kbps".

Uhh, let me tune this down under my Expedition Sasquatch Levels and see what I can get.

And here's one that's 24Kbps, which is less than my SFMF entry.

It's also in color, which my SFMF entry barely was.

This is ... Ugly and sounds bad, but it's also exceptionally small.

If I prepared something specially to be released like this, it wouldn't look or sound too terrible.

Anyway, this is also the teaser for our new show, which is shooting now for release this fall.

Should be fun.

Alright, I'm running some more experiments with AV1 passing it a specific maximum bitrate for the scenes, and telling it to try and achieve a higher quality level than would naturally produce that target.

If this works, I should be able to get an hour of footage down to 8ish MB.

(not that I'm going to sit around and wait for an hour of footage to encode to AV1 at less than 1 FPS.

I don't have 36 hours to watch an encoder.)

This one is almost 28Kbps, and past the other side of unwatchable for me.

Still tweaking.

@ajroach42 that's an impressive half meg of video that is not to be fucked with under any circumstances, do you understand me??

@ajroach42 If you want to make it look like some sort of retro breaking up radio, add some scanlines, and some artifacts, but just enough to get the feel, and not over doing it :)

@ajroach42 Though it's probably not exactly what you're going for, it could help.

@Linux_in_a_Bit Yeah, I played with some of that here: specifically on the second scene and the last scene, but it does not encode well at all.

Analog noise raises your minimum bitrate significantly.

It was such a big difference that I left the analog noise out of the high bitrate encoding, even though I'd prefer it. (a higher bitrate encode can be seen here: although this one is still about 1/4 of youtube standard.)

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