I tend to go pretty hard for DIY media, and there's one space in the DIY Media world that I don't talk about too much, and that's Fan Edits.

I think Fan Edits are super cool! Remixing commercial films in to new and different things, telling new stories with existing source material.

I'm a fan (heh), but if any of this stuff gets too popular, someone might get in some legal trouble.

But it's important to remember what modern copyright enforcement is keeping from us, so, let's talk edits.

There's a whole community of folks out there making fan edits of varying quality.

I tend to talk a lot about the Star Wars ones because it was Star Wars that first got me in to that space.

My favorite Star Wars fan edits are The Man Behind The Mask's War of the Stars. The first of two is here: mountaintown.video/videos/watc

The second War of the Stars (which is better than the first, but is very much a sequel to the first) mountaintown.video/videos/watc

Unfortunately, it's really hard to find a lot of these fan edits today.

Copyright enforcement crackdowns, the DMCA, and other overbroad laws have left us with this situation where most of these things are effectively lost.

The Internet Fan Edit Database at least contains information about many of the edits, so we can know *what* was lost, but that doesn't make it less lost.

For example, I really loved the Doc Savage: Man of Bronze - Detarnished.

Here's a trailer: youtube.com/watch?v=oU6sGrYDtr

I might have a copy of this kicking around somewhere, still, but I doubt it.

If I don't, I'll likely never see it again.


I distinctly remember a battlestar Galactica, space 1999 mashup. I wonder if I can find that.

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