Howdy squad.

The touch screen on my cellphone has stopped working entirely.

It's a relitively new Moto Edge, but I've frankly hated it the entire time I've owned it.

Suggestions for a good cheap replacement android phone that works on verizon? I have no other requirements.

(and cheap is relative, I'll go as high as $1k if thats what I gotta do, but I'm hoping for much less.)

@ajroach42 You might check out; they've recently had Pixel and Samsung models, refurbished and unlocked at decent prices. Hope this is some help; good luck

@ajroach42 I recently replaced my aging and partially broken oneplus 3t with a Sony Xperia XA2. I'm liking it quite a bit. Managed to find a refurb one for $67 on ebay.

@ajroach42 I'm not certain about its verizon compatibility however.

@ajroach42 One of the Pixel Na's? They either recently announced one or are about to, forgot which time of year is which. But they tend to be solid phones that aren't at the top end of the spec listings, but are reasonably secure and well-built without costing a ton.

(And allow unlocking without much pain, although they do need to be connected to the internet at least once for some reason, likely anti-theft.)

@aschmitz @ajroach42 you could even install GrapheneOS on those if you have high security and/or privacy requirements.

@ajroach42 Pixel 3a, readily available for $100-$150 unlocked, and you can run UBPorts or CalyxOS on it. It's the best bang for the buck of any phone I've ever owned.

They all work ON Verizon, but watch out for the ones sold BY Verizon - they have locked bootloaders, so you can't do anything fun.

so, you're not going to do like I did for a good while before the cracked screen of my Z1 completely gave out, which is: walk around with a small USB mouse connected over OTG? ;)

@ajroach42 this is going to depend somewhat on your definition of "good". Other than the obvious "doesn't break when looked at askance", what makes a good phone for you?

@ajroach42 I've been using an LG G8X thin q with the dual screen case, is pretty nifty. Also pixel threes are super cheap refurbished right now, i keep one as a backup.

@ajroach42 although the Verizon compatible g8x thin q models are a little harder to locate even though they did make them.

@ajroach42 You could get a FairPhone to avoid something breaking unrepairably again, but they aren't cheap...

@ajroach42 If you're looking cheap... On Verizon, tricky, CDMA isn't used much, making phones rare and pricey. I might try looking at LG, they're out of the business, but swear they're going to honor warranties and issue updates for a few years, and I'm fairly happy with my Velvet.
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