It occurs to me this morning that, when it comes to portable computers, what I really want is a new x230.

Give me an x230 with 16+ GB of RAM, a fast TB SSD, a reasonably specced modern processor, and a couple of USB C ports to supplement the existing ports, and I'd be pretty pleased.

@ajroach42 From what I hear, the 51nb crew is going to target the X230 for their next project.

If you're not familiar, they're a group of Chinese ThinkPad enthusiasts, and have fabbed new PCBs for many older models of ThinkPad, at least X60/1, T60/1 and X200/1.

@ajroach42 What is it about the x230 specifically that makes it ideal for you? Just the general form factor fits really well with how you use a computer?

@kelbot Yeah. Right size, huge off the shelf battery, common parts, easy to repair, cheap as dirt, tough as nails.

Not too heavy, not too fragile, not too small. Looks unimpressive enough that I don't worry about it getting stolen.

@ajroach42 I feel similarly about by Thinkpad Yoga 12. I like almost everything about it save for a couple things that aren't huge deal breakers to me. If it had a larger battery option and an ethernet port it would be perfect to me. Neither of those are deal breakers for me but they would be nice. Other newer iterations of the yoga improve some stuff but lose some things as well.

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