Just received this photo from a very proud first time network engineer.

I ...

Notice the RF modulator just hanging in the middle of the room on the last photo, which powers the new close circuit cable.

Also of note, in spite of the fact that all of this could have been done with wired links, this entire rat's nest is fed by a wireless bridge.

I asked him why he used the wireless bridge. He stared at me for a second and then proceeded to fix it.

The best part, IMO, is that he really did work for IBM prior to coming to work at the makerspace.

@djsundog We'll fix it eventually.

And it is all technically functional so far.

@djsundog @ajroach42 It's not supposed to look like a Moog patch panel! 😛

@ajroach42 Please don't mock the newbies. The picture itself will make them cringe a few years from now 🤭

@yuki :-D he has no intention of ever doing anything like this again, and completed the brief of "get the other building networked and fix the TV"

@ajroach42 I've done worse. :)

Server racks make my happy in general though, so I'm biased.

@dmoonfire Frankly, me too. He's a rank amateur and I'm a professional. This is surprisingly competent considering his background.

@ajroach42 @dmoonfire plus it’s damn hard to do good cabling if you’re going with pre-made cables. How many times I’ve been stuck with 20’ and some velcro or a zip tie when I needed 5……

@steevmi1 @dmoonfire Yeah, considering his general inexperience, lack of desire to learn, and what he was working with in terms of cables, frankly it looks fine.

He'll zip tie some of them and need to make us a chart of which one is which room, but it's fine.

@ajroach42 Legitimately thought his arm was zip-tied to the rack in the second photo, hence the pose. It's... not what you want for long-term use, but for a first try it ain't *terrible*.

@ajroach42 I've seen lots worse. And at the very least, that instrumentation rack is actually bolted to the wall and won't fall on anyone. It does have at least 1 patch minder too, so at least the cables can be cleaned up without too much stuff being rearranged.

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