Looking forward to setting up the kodi peertube plugin tomorrow, and then absolutely loading down our closed circuit CATV with all the weird nerd shit that lives up there.

speaking of which:

The roku we use in the living room absolutely refuses to install the peervue app.

Anybody know of a good way to cast videos from firefox on my laptop to roku?

@ajroach42 There actually used to be a firefox channel for roku. Though I mostly used it with firefox mobile I think.

Looks like it has been removed from the Roku channel store though.

@ajroach42 Are you running the previous version of kodi or did you figure out getting the addon to work on the current version ?

@kelbot :oof:

1) I'm probably running a previous version of Kodi just because it's been a while since I ran updates on this box, but I did not realize that the plugin was broken on current Kodi. That's deeply frustrating.

@kelbot 2) I guess it's time for me to just scrape the videos I want for now.

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