Since I can't get peertube videos to play on my TV using the hardware I have on hand, I'm watching The Concert for Bangladesh right now.

I probably won't finish it tonight.

I don't know much about the event. I imagine it was a shitshow, most of these fundraising concerts tend to be.

I'm 25 minutes in, or so, and the openning track is still in full swing (it's Ravi Shankar and co) and it's been delightful so far.

@ajroach42 An RPi4 with pretty much everything you need would cost about $80-100. If you had an RPi3 laying around and are having trouble playing video, that is because you need to tell mpv to use x11 and to aim for 720p or lower. Example:

mpv --vo=x11,drm,tct,caca --ao=pulse,alsa,jack --user-agent='Mozilla' --ytdl-format='best[ext=mp4][height<=?720]'

And youtube-dl, which mpv naturally uses to play online videos, has PeerTube support.

MPV can play videos from the console (TTY).

@TheOuterLinux I have a pi running kodi, but kodi's peertube plugin is broken, so I have to download the videos by hand and wait for them to download before I can watch them.

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