Howdy world! Looking for a new independent webcomic, peertube series, podcast, or music project to consume.

What have you been enjoying?

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I'm tooting my favorite podcasts under: #podcastrecommendations

My favorite, and also fitting of your tastes, is Bubble! It's a full cast, scripted, comedy, sci-fi show.

It's themes include: domed cities (bubbles) on a alien planet, sex, aliens with weird psychic attacks, drugs, big companies that own everything, hipsters, working via a app and penis lasers.

It's only 8 episodes, short but sweet!


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I'm trying (and failing) to toot my podcast recommendations under:
Without the "s"...

@kingannoy I heard the first episode of bubble and then couldn't remember the name and then forgot about the show entirely. Thanks!!

@ajroach42 also if you need non-serial time filler keep-the-bad-thoughts-away podcasts with no stakes, No Such Thing As A Fish is good for that.

@ajroach42 I'm a fan of the McElroy family podcasts (especially post-2014 or so after the furries took them to task and they started to learn how to not suck as people, and especially their TTRPG podcast The Adventure Zone), Well There's Your Problem (a leftist engineering disaster podcast with slides), Mission to Zyxx (an improv sci-fi adventure comedy now in its final season)... There are others but not that I would recommend to everyone

Subscribing to this thread as well if you don't mind!

a few webcomic recs 

@ajroach42 For webcomics, maybe have a look at:


sci-fi, often light-hearted, sometimes not. Link is to the start of it all; it's currently in its third incarnation. (The new comics all come with audio readings of each strip)

The Property of Hate:

surreal isekai adventure, from a former animator.


Screwball sci-fi, sapphic, much sex.

Ava's Demon:

What happens when you bind with a demon, in search of the nigh mythical leader of an omnipresent corporate religion.

a few webcomic recs 

@porsupah @ajroach42
+💯 for Spacetrawler!


Some current #podcasts I enjoy:
- Akimbo.
- More or Less.
- Song Exploder.
- Cortex.

Past timeless podcasts:
- 13 Minutes to the Moon, by Kevin Fong.
- 50 Things Modern Economy, by Tim Harford.
- Stephen Fry's 7 Deadly Sins.
- You're Wrong About.
- David Tennant Does A Podcast.

@ajroach42 Only at episode 2 so far but Bubble is hecin fun. If I had to summarize it: "gig economy monster hunters in a corporate dysutopia".

@ajroach42 For webcomics: anything by Gray Folie. These two are finished:

Crow Cillers / Lamezone stuff:

also seconding Curvy (which is also finished)
other good sexy comics with good stories: Rock Cocks, Alfie, Scrub Diving (finished, underrated), I Roved Out.

Back (finished)

@ajroach42 Forgot to mention:
Sacred Heart, but you'll have to use the Way Back Machine and later chapters are print only I think?
also Drugs and Wires but you probably already know about it. but others might not, so it's worth a mention.

And similarly for podcasts, even though I might have rec'd it already: Greater Boston is super good and more people should listen to it!

Tangentville: - a very old-school webcomic in that it's fairly random and not well-drawn, but as you go through its 1000+ updates, you'll find that it has a lot of heart.
Marble Gate Dungeon: - a slow-moving but fun take about D&D adventure comics which strong characterization, especially of the protagonist.
Stanton Creek: a supernatural drama with a strong Twin Peaks/Coen Brothers feel, set in Oregon.

Tusk: thelandoftusk.thecomicseries.c another questing/adventuring comic about a female orc fighter. This is a side-comic to the creator's main project, Mindfold, but is turning out more interesting and focused.
An oldie but goodie that is still going:
Magellan: - a superhero academy comic with a massive cast. Again, good character writing. Right now, it's in an extremely violent, dark episode which may not be your thing.

@ajroach42 You may have heard of all of these podcasts but just in case:
-Song Exploder
-Millennials Are Killing Capitalism
-Beyond Prisons

I alternate between these all the time along with Octavia's Parables, which I'm sure you are already familiar with.

@ajroach42 also, not peertube but The Feels is a great series I always come back to on YouTube. The episodes are super short but the writing and performance are great IMO.

@TaxDan I'm trying really hard to avoid YouTube at the moment. These aren't new for the most part but, for webcomics:
- How To Become A Dragon (Guy in Korea who hasn't found other work than being a tutor is roped into helping a snake spirit who failed to become a dragon centuries prior study for a second chance dragon exam)
- How to Be A Werewolf (All Malaya Walters was bitten by a strange wolf as a child, now she just wants to run the family coffee shop and pretend she doesn't grow fur and claws each month. Life decides otherwise.) More webcomics:
- Once Upon A Trope: A webcomic at Mythcreants that plays with tropes.
- The Last Human (In A Crowded Galaxy): Humans are a mythical, much feared species that galactic civilization is thankful is long extinct. On watertower station, a Widow, a fearsome spider-like alien is raising a mysterious child she adopted. A child who is wondering who and what she is. continuing with webcomics:
- Twin Dragons: Years earlier children with animal, sometimes mythical, features started being born. Now two young twin dragons don't care too much about the hows and whys of that, they're going to school and having fun. (There's a side story, Jesse's Adventure in the same setting but different characters. Jesse saw a strange creature during a job he had during a school break. Turned out to be a girl in a costume. The next wasn't, drama ensues.) web, web, webby comics:
- Mara, a comic about the littlest barbarian: This one's new, only starting up the second chapter. When a young girl's people are attacked the rest of her people died, but a spirit possessed her and slew the attackers. Now she has awoken, once more in control of her body, among a group of strangers who seem just as puzzled to have found themselves in a cave somewhere (hmm, sounds like an RPG party first meetup sans the Inn). comics, on the web:
- DetoxCamp: Kiro found herself in trouble with the law due to her less than legal means of paying her way through art school. She's offered a chance to go to a reform camp in Alaska instead of jail. Only most of those at the camp seem to feel its a place parents send internet addicted kids. As if this isn't aggravating enough, soon the supernatural starts intruding. Maybe the Alaskan wilderness isn't a great place to be if under a curse? another comic from the web, can it be?
- World of Ruan: Cait wakes up in a tube in a shelter and no clear idea who she is or how she got there. She and an maintenance robot join together to figure out what's going on in the world (apparently post some kind of apocalypse). comics, more comics:
- Slightly Damned: As the ad gif for it goes, Rhea's dead and that's just the beginning. Not good enough for heaven but not bad enough for hell, Death takes her to The Ring Of The Slightly Damned and assigns her to the care of Hell's most inept demon. Soon you end up with an adventuring party made up of one young (and technically dead) Jakkai girl, Buwaro the inept demon, and an angel who isn't sure what to think anymore. switching to podcasts:
- Flash Forward (formerly Meanwhile In The Future): each starts with a short dramatization of a scene in a possible future, then discusses said potential future. What if we could shink humans, what if we moved underground full time, what if our cities were smart, what if everyone had a personal drone that followed them 24/7, what if sex toy robots, what if there was no more air travel... More podding:
- Buffy And The Art Of Story: A writer goes through Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode by episode looking at it through a storytelling lense.
- Langtime Chat: Jessie Sams and David Peterson talk about constructed languages. Companion to the LangTime Studio channel on YouTube in which they livestream creating languages.
- Conlangery: Another conlang related podcast with each episode covering some language related topic. the only still active rpg related podcast on my queue is Ken and Robin Talk About Stuff, in which Kenneth Hite and Robin D Laws talk about stuff. Divided into 5-15 minute segments in which they discuss a particular game, some historic figure or event and how you might use it in a game, look at conspiracy theories, or upcoming stuff they're involved with. hmm, what else... webfic and fanfic maybe?
- Delve: a litrpg story in which a guy wakes up in his pajamas in a world that runs on RPGesque rules. Starts off sorta slice of life RPG world stuff in and around an independent town. But there are two nearby powers locked in a war with each other and several chapters in the town gets tuck in the middle of that. fanfic:
- Harry & The Shipgirls: Once there was a boy named Harry whose relatives weren't treating him well. Then a half-giant^H^H wait, that's in canon. Then angry sea spirits took the form of ships and attacked humanity but other ship spirits returned to fight alongside and protect humanity. During an international trade mission some Japanese Shipgirls are quite displeased to discover one of the company reps has a young child locked in a closet... HP/KanColle crossover The Harry in this fic spends a few years growing up in Japan before the Hogwarts letter arrives and is continuing a muggle education via distance learning while attending Hogwarts. The Rails of Canon have been shelled, crumpled, and partially recycled. The author of the main story is not afraid to point at elements and say, "JKR did not do the research here. No. Just, no." Japanese and european folklore tapped into. The wedding of a Battleship to a Tea Set is televised. another litrpg fic:
- Stray Cat Strut: A teenage girl in an apocalyptic cyberpunk New Montreal gets caught in the midst of an alien attack while being taken on a trip to a museum by her orphanage. When an alien AI asks if she'd like to be given the ability to fight back instead of dying she accepts so at to protect her girlfriend and the other orphans in the museum's not at all up to code shelter.

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