Can you please send me your favorite electronics, open source software, free media, and computer literacy propaganda posters?

@butingtaon @ajroach42 *wonders if the computer in that poster is a G3 iMac, or the eMachines eOne knock-off that Apple sued into oblivion*

@ajroach42 on the computer literacy tip, the work Julia Evans (b0rk on twitter) does is faboo, and she's published them on her zine site:

@ajroach42 (I just emailed Julia and asked her what the licensing cost would look like to get a full set of the print zines from her for the purposes of placing them in a makerspace library.)

@ajroach42 to anyone following along, Julia graciously gave us permission to add her zines to the makerspace library at the regular individual purchaser cost and offered us a discount if we decide we want multiple copies of each instead. (we will be adding multiple copies, but we will also be paying the full individual price for each because supporting small and indie creators is important and their works are not discount-rate on any level.)

@djsundog I credit Bite Sized Linux with helping me land my current job. I read through it to brush up, and ended up getting asked questions straight from the zine.


- @aprilorg has a few French posters with probably some already translated:

- a whole set by April

- by @LaQuadrature

- by @maltman23 & co, a comic but the first page would work as a poster

- @GeoffreyDorne sometimes does CS related stuff

- this from my bookmarks about a11y:

@cybercow @ieure I would never not download a car.

Abcd always be car downloading.

@ajroach42 Firefox announcement of the first release in the german newspaper FAZ, 2004-12-02, full page advertisement payed by 2403 people and organizations that are listed in this very ad besides the download URL.

@ajroach42 uhhhh very large spectrum "cool hacks/knowledge sharing" zine. "Proof or Concept or Get The Fuck Off"

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