I've wanted to do a thud board for more than a decade.

14 years? I dunno, I was in highschool last time I tried.

I was going to sculpt the dwarves and trolls in sculpy and hand paint the stripes but I made the dwarves way too big and the board too small and ... Well, here we are 14 years later and I'm prototyping on our laser cutter.


This one is probably half the size I want it to be. It's going to be 1 foot square, and I think I want it to be two feet square.

Maybe the ideal size is actually somewhere in the middle?

Seems likely that I'll end up doing a couple of these, and designing pieces for them.

I'll make the files available publicly, of course, and probably also sell them on our website.

Forgot to take this picture before I went home last night. Quarter for scale. It is too small, but only just. I can probably finish this set and play a game on this before moving on.

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