Like, floptical is a heck of a concept, and I love it.

I don't have a good reason to use minidisk, but I think I'm going to.

@ajroach42 A solid decision. I loved minidisc around the turn of the century. More recently, I've used it to store cassette port programs from old computers.

Some retro wave composers ship music on minidisc, I got an MD album from LukHash last spring/summer.

@ajroach42 MiniDisc was awesome. If Sony hadn't deliberately crippled it, it could have been the digital format of choice.

@ajroach42 Sony refused to allow computer-connected MiniDisc audio players until reluctantly launching NetMD, which had deliberately limited audio quality, no MP3 support, and DRM to stop you doing anything with the tracks even on the player.

@ajroach42 They had MiniDisc drives you could just use like disks, but those were deliberately unable to play audio or read or write audio MiniDiscs.

@mathew I thought MD data was still just used in proprietary devices, and not ever available in a disc drive?

@mathew yeah! Gravis/ cathode ray dude did a big video on one of them a few months ago. It was very nearly the coolest camcorder ever, but had two real Sony problems that prevented it from actually being useful at all.

@mathew ah, yeah. A minidisc drive for a PC would have been something special.

@ajroach42 Yeah, imagine being able to compress audio to ATRAC3 (better than MP3!), drag-drop it onto a MiniDisc, then take that disc and play it in your mobile MD player. That would have been so much better than anything MP3 could offer at the time.

@ajroach42 minidisc is one of the best formats ever, IMO. It’s so high on tactile satisfaction, and the underlying function is very good too. Not a common combination!

Sony was really good at tactile design of media, it’s a shame they so often messed up the IP. But for minidisc they didn’t even do that! They were a victim of bad timing and media company nerves (and eventually cheapness)

@DHeadshot I have an 8 track deck, but recording 8 track tapes is a pain in the ass, and they break down too easy.

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