Arn Anderson and every southern preacher in their 40s share an archetype.

Watching WCW 1996 

Sting is fighting rick flair, and keeps tossing in his own "Woo!"

Sting is, even at this realatively early point in his career, easilly the best wrestler they've had on the show tonight.

He outperforms Hogan, he outperforms Savage, he sells harder than Flair.

He's just such a performer.

Watching WCW 1996 

I don't think Harlem Heat is going to be on this episode, they're advertising them for Saturday Night, and I don't have Saturday night right now, but seeing the advertisement for a Harlem Heat match reminded me of this indisputable truth:

Booker T Huffman Jr deserves more respect.


Watching WCW (request) 

If you have access to any archives or WCW from the 90s, specifically Nitro from 97-99, any Thursday Thunder or WCW Saturday Night, please share them with me.

I'll also take any 80s wrestling videos you have at all, but especially NWA stuff with the four horsemen.

I have all of 95 and 96 for nitro, and part of 97, but pro wrestling torrents are hard to find.

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