In preparation for spending tomorrow with my wife's family, I'm downloading some video games.

Specifically ps1 and older games to run on various pieces of hardware.

Suggest me a game or two I might not have played? Especially those for consoles or computers that weren't made by Sony or Nintendo.

@ajroach42 I've got some good homebrews picks for MSX, Sega Genesis and Master System on my capsule. Also, Devilish and Woody Pop for Sega Game Gear and Pepper II for Colecovision.


My brother also suggested Wolfenstein: Blade of Agony, a modern wolfenstein sequel. It does use a more modern GZDoom engine, though, which I imagine could run on any comuter that can emulate Playstation, but it isn't as old-school specs as the original Wolfenstein, or Doom for that matter.

@ajroach42 I loved Gods by the Byte Brothers. It was originally on Amiga, but there's a very faithful MS-DOS port that might be easier to get running.

And one of my favorite MS-DOS games, Helious:

I loved this weirdo game, but I don't think it made it all that big, even though there's a sequel. Read the README before you play.

Another of my faves is Card Fighters Clash, which was on the Neo-Geo Pocket Color.

@ajroach42 For you, if you haven't played it, "Silent Hill" is the greatest horror game of all time.

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