What's the preferred method for ROM hunters these days? Especially those looking for PS1?

I know a bunch of the old guard got sued pretty hard, and a bunch of stuff moved peer to peer.

@ajroach42 Torrents are still pretty reliable. The keyword to look for is "goodset".

They will have entire collections from specific regions, and you can just pick which files from the set that you download.

I've gotten some stuff from as well

@rgegriff Was trying not to download the entire PS1 catalog, but if that's what I gotta do, that's what I gotta do.

@ajroach42 Internet Archive is a solid option (Redump), but the sets available there aren't always easy to navigate.

@greyor IA is fine for the things they have. They're missing what I'm after.

@ajroach42 ahhh OK. I figured you'd probably checked there already but wasn't sure. I got nothing then...

@ajroach42 I miss the days the-eye was largely publicly available.

@ajroach42 CDRomance is cool too because they have a lot of english patched Japan only ROMs and other hacks. Vimm's Lair is also great but sticks more to the official released libraries.

@ajroach42 Oh and this may not be pertinent to you right now but CDRomance also has *almost* all PS1 games already converted to EBOOT for playing on PSP.

@ajroach42 there are some decent collections on i2p postman. Or at least there were a few months ago.

@ajroach42 I bought an emulator-console and it came with a bunch of PS1 games on an SD card, so there's that...

@ajroach42 has every game released (in the US) for all Nintendo systems from NES–Wii, from PS1–PS3, and a few miscellaneous other systems. It has the inverse problem of massive ROMsets though: it's metered so you can only download one or two ROMs at a time.

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