I should have time to add 2 - 3 PS1 games to the collection, and I found a decent source that lets me download single games.

If you were going to a holiday party where it was understood and expected that you'd entertain the 14, 12, and 9 year old kids, which ps1 games would you bring?

@SunDancer Excellent suggestions.

There was a burnout game on PS1? I only played the ps2 ones.

@ajroach42 not sure about Burnout and PS1 but that's what Grand Tourismo is for ;)

@ajroach42 depending on the kids, the old Tony Hawk games can be great pass-and-play for a group. The timed rounds are great for "it's my turn!"

@ajroach42 is a good source for games for old systems. Most are in huge ZIPs of everything, but you can look at the contents and directly download the images inside them.

WipEout 2097.
PaRappa the Rapper.
Ape Escape.
Demolition Derby.
Colony Wars.

@ajroach42 Crash Bash is really fun, especially multiplayer and is also a really small file size download.

@ajroach42 If you don't already have one the PSP is a really good device for playing PS1 games on a handheld. It had official support for PS1 games and a large portion of the PS1 library was available on it straight from Sony. The rest can be converted. I think it was partially because the PSP CPU is closely related to what was in the PS1 so they run almost natively.

@ajroach42 Final Fantasy Legends.

(It's the only game I can think of right now.)

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