This website doesn't allow simultanious downloading, so I have to keep tabbing back over to press the next button, instead of just playing video games while I wait for the queue to finish.

My kingdom for a decent download manager integrated in to my browser.

@ajroach42 There exist decent download managers *outside* your browser, but last I checked jDownloader 2 was terrifying to run outside a VM or other isolation chamber, given its propensity for downloading and running new things.

@aschmitz I mean, I could script something up with wget, but I just want to play video games.

@ajroach42 Yeah. 'course presumably you're playing them slower than you're downloading, but...

@aschmitz My internet connection at my house is slow enough that I basically can't use it to download games.

I am downloading games to make available to the children who will be at the party I'm stuck at today.

The website I am downloading from implements a one download concurrently policy.

I have ADHD that's bad enough that if I leave this window for any length of time, I'll forget to start the next download.

I'm not sure where the "playing them slower than you're downloading" enters?

@ajroach42 In general, the assumption that you can kick off one download in the background and start playing a game, and the download will finish before you finish the game, so you'll always have a new game waiting. But of course you may want to cache several games, or you may find that you don't like one you downloaded, or any of several other confounding factors, hence the ", but...". 🙂

@aschmitz ah, so it applies to my current situation in absolutely zero ways. Gotcha.

@ajroach42 Yep! Sometimes people send messages just to chat, didn't realize you were busy. Have a good day, and I hope the kids enjoy the games you're bringing! (Seconding the Spyro recommendation.)

@aschmitz all good my friend. I hope you have an excellent day.

@ajroach42 @aschmitz

If the "one download concurrently" policy is based on IPV4 as opposed to the use of a login account, it's easy enough to bypass.

The connection speed issue is more significant. If your mobile data plan provides enough data, download by USB tethering (faster than wifi tethering) is a possible option.

@oldcoder @aschmitz No real cell service at home either, but the office is fast enough that I got what I needed.

@ajroach42 I was gonna suggest using js to get all download links, then pasting it into a script to wget each of them; but I think I am going to get a head-start on one of my 2022 goals and not do that.

@ajroach42 I remember DownThemAll being pretty good for this stuff (as long as you can get all the links up front), but I don't know if it was ever ported to WebExtensions.

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