Let's get a thing going today! I'd like to support some musicians, artists, and other folks who make and sell things online.

Maybe with the hashtag ?

So what do you make? Where can I buy it?

I'll start!

This is an 8.5×11 black and white trade paperback collection of nearly every golden age appearance of Basil Wolverton’s Spacehawk, plus the precursor series Space Patrol.

I left out some of the WWII era stuff, because it was boring, but this is every Space adventure Wolverton drew, in a nice black and white budget collection.

It's $22, and available here:

I have several copies in stock and ready to ship, and will have more in two weeks.

That was a really fun project. It took a long time for me to get it to a state with which I was satisfied.

It's done print on demand through Lulu and I think the end result is pretty solid.

Hey! send me more things you made, so I can keep signal boosting.


@ajroach42 I make digital recordings of Renaissance music and have it here:

I also made the :nb_crossbow: nonbinary crossbow and have some merch available on Redbubble:

I also do calligraphy, worldbuilding, conlanging, and other cool nerdy things, but don't have examples online at the moment. You'll just have to trust me! ∑:ᴈ


@ajroach42 We've made several small games and interactive experiences on #IMadeThese

Almost all of them are PWYW (one of the tech demos is marked as "no, don't pay us for this") and I think almost all of them are interesting and cool. is the thread we wrote about them on here.

I think "Driftself" is the one people have found most compelling and "1960 #7 in 72 minutes" is the most underrated (understandably, given the time commitment).

- 🎒

@ajroach42 we have three short EPs on

our official stance for them is to encourage people simply download them for free on the site and use them as they please, and then also pay a bit on paypal if they can


also we do glitch art commissions! which is more buying us making a new thing, but... there's existing stuff here:

@fidgetcetera @ajroach42 gonna specifically shout out "we're just gonna lay down on the bed and cry for a while ok?" from traumatic neuroma - it's intense and expressive in a really effective way

- 🎒

@packbat @ajroach42 aw wow ;;
honestly we always feel least proud of that song and that EP, so

thank you, gosh

@ajroach42 I make electronic music, mostly ambient up to now:

I also live-stream some of my process:

(there is an archive of my part streams on my Twitch page)


@enkiv2 I can personally endorse at least one of these books.

@ajroach42 I make a new music track very week. An appropriate one to feature in this context (the first one I made upon joining the fediverse) -

My bespoke website features all my music, covers, and weird words. #IMadeThese

Two noblebright fantasy novels (so far) and a collection of blog posts, all under free culture licences.

@TMakarios @ajroach42

Upon initial review, I don't see Free Culture License copies on the site. These seem to be regular for-sale ebooks. Which is fine, of course. I'm mentioning this because I'm planning to assemble a curated library of ebooks for inclusion in my Linux distro and these were candidates.

Yes, BTW, cuttlefish are amazing, though the octupus is competitive in some respects.


Thanks for your interest!

They are free culture, but not (yet) free of charge. Of course, if you get copies of the ebooks, you're most welcome to include them free of charge in your Linux distribution, if you want.


@TMakarios @ajroach42

Thanks for the response. Most distros need to require that works come with specific licenses. Creative Commons CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 International might work in this case. It's worth a thought as it would promote distribution while reserving commercial rights.

They're actually under CC BY-SA 4.0, so you don't even have the non-commercial restriction. My wife has just updated the page for each book on her site, to clarify the licensing.

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