Let's get a thing going today! I'd like to support some musicians, artists, and other folks who make and sell things online.

Maybe with the hashtag ?

So what do you make? Where can I buy it?

I'll start!

This is an 8.5×11 black and white trade paperback collection of nearly every golden age appearance of Basil Wolverton’s Spacehawk, plus the precursor series Space Patrol.

I left out some of the WWII era stuff, because it was boring, but this is every Space adventure Wolverton drew, in a nice black and white budget collection.

It's $22, and available here:

I have several copies in stock and ready to ship, and will have more in two weeks.

That was a really fun project. It took a long time for me to get it to a state with which I was satisfied.

It's done print on demand through Lulu and I think the end result is pretty solid.

Hey! send me more things you made, so I can keep signal boosting.

@ajroach42 I make digital recordings of Renaissance music and have it here:

I also made the :nb_crossbow: nonbinary crossbow and have some merch available on Redbubble:

I also do calligraphy, worldbuilding, conlanging, and other cool nerdy things, but don't have examples online at the moment. You'll just have to trust me! ∑:ᴈ


@ajroach42 We've made several small games and interactive experiences on #IMadeThese

Almost all of them are PWYW (one of the tech demos is marked as "no, don't pay us for this") and I think almost all of them are interesting and cool. is the thread we wrote about them on here.

I think "Driftself" is the one people have found most compelling and "1960 #7 in 72 minutes" is the most underrated (understandably, given the time commitment).

- 🎒

@ajroach42 I make electronic music, mostly ambient up to now:

I also live-stream some of my process:

(there is an archive of my part streams on my Twitch page)


@enkiv2 I can personally endorse at least one of these books.

@ajroach42 I make a new music track very week. An appropriate one to feature in this context (the first one I made upon joining the fediverse) -

My bespoke website features all my music, covers, and weird words. #IMadeThese

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