For the last 5 years or so, I've been working (on and off, among other things) on the groundwork for a CC-BY-SA shared science fiction universe podcast and some other outposts for collaborative storytelling.

I've talked a lot about this project at various points, but life kept getting in the way of me getting it off the ground. (Most recently, it was derailed by the pandemic, and the resulting changes that brought about in my life.)

It's moving forward again, and has momentum.


Basically, if you’ve ever wanted to slip in to the background of your favorite science fiction television show, and have a chance to explore deep space or make a home on the edges of a vast galactic federation, this is your chance.

We have an in character social network and forum in which the various inhabitants of the Solar Federation Universe can interact.

At the moment, it is the central hub of the Solar Federation, and the forum through which all major contributions to the story are made.

We're working on our first few episodes, recording music and sound effects, and generally getting things polished and ready to be released.

And that means it's time to start soliciting contributors.

If you'd like to participate in a collaborative CC-BY-SA space adventure, let me know and I'll get you an invite to the preview site.

I'm not ready to share the world with *everyone* yet, and that's why I didn't lead this off with a link and a solicitation for everyone to join.

If you've worked with me on this in the past, I would love to have you contributing again. If you don't know me at all, but are curious about this thing, that's great too!

We're starting small, and managed. Invite only until the first few episodes are out.

We want to start with a small crew to keep it manageable, and to maximize our chances of getting a few episodes out that are good and representative of the world we're trying to create before we open the floodgates.

There will come a time, I hope, when there are Many different settings, run by lots of different people, and I'm just a cog in that machine.

If we're going to get to that point, we need to lay a solid foundation, so do you want to help lay some foundation?

@ajroach42 One of these days I'll be active here enough to notice when I'm tagged. Count me all the way in!

@ajroach42 When you're ready to open it up, I'd be interested.

@ajroach42 since we talked about Theatrix's Hollywood a while ago I've wanted to make some long movies with that.

I'd be happy to do some J.G. scripts but I'm sure it would be more appropriate to use whatever passes for the future "slush pile" after you have that foundation laid. Kind of like what webisodes are to tv episodes

@68km I'd love a theatrix Hollywood voiced character. Maybe one of the silent helpers? (They communicate via radios.)

There is a concept of an "unfiltered feed" for stuff that gets cut from the main episode for time or content.

@ajroach42 awesome, yes that is what I think I have the energy to contribute

@68km we have a group of robots, canonically they communicate via computer voices broadcast over radio waves.

@ajroach42 nice, I haven't had a chance to check out the site yet. I'll try to find the software license too since I legally purchased this when the company still existed. I don't imagine that there's a conflict

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