Alright, so now we need to go through every issue of Popular Mechanics, Popular Science, and whatever the electronics hobby magazines of the of the 60s and 70s, right?

Maybe even some computer magazines?

And build every DIY project in each of them, right?

And then we'll find out if any of them are useful or productive.

And then we make zines and videos about it, right?

@ajroach42 I am currently recreating a thing from 30s Popular Science... but in miniature form:

Do you know of any archive of those two magazines outside of google books?

@ajroach42@retro.socia Thanks!

l It's a shame that has an incomplete archive of those.

Google books has a more complete one, but doesn't allow you to download the issues (there might be a way I am not aware of tho).

@FredBednarski I'll start with my paper archive, probably, but I imagine we will run through those quickly.

@FredBednarski A public library or community college might have access to a subscription service / paywalled service.

The interfaces of most of those I've found are absolutely horrendous.

@ajroach42 I remember finding an old popmech guide to building a bomb shelter as a kid and was ENTHRALLED. I would absolutely watch the hell outta something like that.

@ajroach42 Not specifically the bomb shelter, but the idea in general.


OMG there were SO MANY home electronics and carpentry hobby projects in those magazines!!!

also lots of stories about kids in the USSR building robots, as I recall

@ajroach42 is this referencing some event I've missed? Because it sounds rad as hell

@rolenthedeep I opened a makerspace a few weeks ago.

We have staff, they do 1 - 2 projects for the maker space every week.

They have a big backlog already, but it's a lot of stuff that I just want to do, or that is for one of my personal projects.

This gets us an alternate backlog of projects that they can use to advertise the space, and build us equipment and gear, learn from, etc.

@rolenthedeep It's going to be a blast. I'm really looking forward to it.

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