When I say "A Better World is Possible" I mean that we must continue to believe and act as if a better world is possible, or it won't be.

It is possible, if we want it.

And it's important for us to remember that, embrace it.

I have a music video to make.

Music video is finished.

Our retirement plan is revolution:

A better world is possible, if we demand it.

@ajroach42 @eloisa I remember you asking about music from here that's CC. Is this is what you were looking for?

@secretlySamantha @ajroach42 not music videos, tho this one woukd fit into the projects one. Thanks for the tip! :ablobcathappypaws:

@eloisa @secretlySamantha rip the audio, I have no investment in the video.

I'll share a proper download link just as soon as connor finishes his website.

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