Happy New Year! January 1st is Public Domain day in the United States. All film, books, poetry, photos, and scores originally published in 1926 are now in the Public Domain in the US. Additionally, and significantly, this year marks the first time that any Audio Recordings have entered the public domain. You, and all Americans, now own more than 400,000 of these historic recordings. What does it all mean? And which works are in the public domain now?

@ajroach42 never boosted something so fast in my entire lives.

Now, let's talk about killing the mouse...

@jakimfett when you say "the mouse" I assume you mean Disney as a whole, and not Mickey as a character, but either way we have our work cut out for us.

@jakimfett @ajroach42 The approach I like to take is recommend alternatives to their media (making is vital too). Last IDaD I recommended:

* The Red Panda Adventures over the MCU
* The Bright Sessions over X-Men
* Blender Open Movies over PIXAR
* For fairytales, well... The Storyteller's on YouTube
* There's a radio adaptation of Star Wars

Disney Channel:
* The Thrilling Adventure Hour's Captain Laserbeam over Phineas & Ferb.
* King Falls AM
* Magus Elgar
* etc.

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