Is there a build of gadget bridge for linux? Or an equivalent program that I can run on my laptop to shunt notifications to my watch?

@ajroach42 There is a program for connecting with the Pinetime on linux. I forget what it's called, give me a sec. I haven't tried it though.

@ajroach42 Siglo is the one I was thinking of.

There is also this one now that I hadn't seen before and it looks pretty good too.

@ajroach42 I will probably give them a try soon when I start using my Pinephone more heavily.

@kelbot it looks like I could wrangle up what I want with itd.

@ajroach42 If it's a Pebble, I remember the SailfishOS app I used was based on the Python library libpebble, and if there isn't anything out there already it probably wouldn't be too hard to just write something that triggers upon desktop notifications and sends them to the Pebble via libpebble?
@ajroach42 Ah, nevermind then! One of the few Pine64 devices I haven't been sorely tempted to buy or just outright purchased; found out with past smartwatches and hybrids that anything less than a solid week of battery life and an always-on screen just doesn't work for me. (How much of a proprietary disaster the smartwatch space has been certainly has me hoping the PineTime succeeds though!)
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