Empathy is a practice.

I try to remember to practice radical empathy with the people I meet.

Sometimes it is hard. Today it was hard.

When I talk about our long range wireless, mesh networked, BBS research, it is hard for me to be empathetic to someone who responds "oh, yeah, hard to censor something like that."


It occurs to me that when the frozen peach brigade talks about freedom from censorship, what they want is freedom from moderation, and occasionally freedom from consequence.

They've never been censored. They don't know what that might look like.

Censor my ass, be a kind human being.

@ajroach42 The frozen fruit brigade couldn't care less about freedom of speech. If someone were to do a lecture tour of the ivy league on the topic of the crimes of the British empire - of which there are many - or an equivalent version in the US on the crimes of the US government in recent decades, then you would rapidly discover how much contempt the right wingers have for freedom of speech.

When they're not being disingenuous - which is most of the time - what they really care about is supporting power, and particularly their own power. This is why they keep complaining about censorship in a bogus manner, because they want the power to be able to harass anyone without consequences. Verbal threats is mostly how they operate at the ground level, and if that channel is cut off then so too is much of their ability to influence others.

@ajroach42 "Frozen peach brigade?" I don't think I'm familiar with this phrase, and a web search doesn't seem to turn up anything for me.

@ryan @ajroach42 It’s a reference to “freeze peach”, a derogatory way of referring to the “free speech” ideals of hypocrites (typically right-wing jerkasses) who believe the speech they agree with (and their own speech) should be free from consequences.


@ryan @ajroach42 vernacular is "freeze peach" for people misapplying censorship outrage at...well, other stuff.

The "brigade", by extension, is that group of people who follow said outrage in droves.

Does that clear it up?

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