Do you design stickers? Do your friends?

I need a few dozen very small, weird, bizarre, artistic, or otherwise interesting stickers.

I was at an art show this weekend, and I got a bunch of stickers, but I need more.

I have too many pristine gadgets that I use on a daily or weekly basis. My needs stickers. My Palm needs stickers.

It's time to sticker up the world.

To be clear, I'm looking for small weird stickers to buy or trade!

@ajroach42 hello! if i would be of interest, I've got experience with physical and telegram stickers, as well as emojis and the like! This is pretty much my jam



Lemme know if you're interested and let's work something out!

@ajroach42 oh pardon, this is a quick screengrab, but these older ones were all printed and sold locally, if that helps things.

@heatherhorns Those are cute! I'm looking for some that I can purchase, rather than some to manufacture, but if you do a run let me know!

@ajroach42 oh pardon!

It happens that they should be available this week, so I'll be sure to ping when that happens! (the timing is coincidental, so please don't read any weird pressure into it)

@ajroach42 The caveat being that they are only kind of small, and kind of weird

@ajroach42 Do you want stickers designed, or just some interesting ones to buy?
(My kids have been happy to receive a "sticker of the month" from this stained-glass artist who turns some of them into decent-quality stickers: )

@meejah I guess I wasn't clear, sorry!

Looking to buy or trade stickers.

@meejah I bet these are too big for what I'm after, but they are very nice.

@ajroach42 I can post you a scale photo later if you want, but they're 3-6cm each (some are bigger, some smaller). Would look a little bigger than those "hex" laptop-destined stickers, but not humungous on a 14" latop (kids have more than a dozen each on 1L water-bottles)

@meejah neat!

I'm looking for stickers to put on my tiny stuff, pocket computers and cellphone cases and that kind of thing, but some laptop stickers could be good too.

@ajroach42 there were some arguments over this one ;)

There are a couple iridescent ones, and at least one glows in the dark..

@ajroach42 hi, i was linked to this! i make a lot of stickers with lots of designs and random / odd phrases. i am actually currently selling a pack of stickers if you're interested in them, and i might make more to sell since people seem to like them a lot

@ajroach42 I struggle to get myself to apply stickers to things. I just feels wrong. But I now have two large vertical metal surfaces in the lab, so I've been sticking them on magnetic sheets and cutting them out.

Suddenly all my anxieties about single-use (oh noes, now it's gone!) and "but what if I don't want it there anymore" are resolved. And I get to enjoy them instead of hoarding them.

@ajroach42 I now regret that my ThinkGeek Timmy sticker is on the side of my hardware sorter, where I can't see it, and not on a magnet where I could stick it somewhere useful >_>

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