Injection molding machine is working.

3D printed molds are working.

Plastics shredding, dying, and general recycling is working.

We are turning milk jugs in to robots.

The robot in the center of the frame, and the one on the right of the photo are 100% directly recycled from Milk Jugs.

The ones further back are also mostly recycled.

We also managed to process some plastic bags in to toys. We have some more work to do to get grocery bags to be reliably processable.

They work! But it's tricky, because they are static-y and the shreds don't weigh much, so it's hard to keep the hopper full of them.

We're going to try some stuff to improve that process, because making toys from plastic bags is cool.

The 3D printed injection mold was tricky.

We had some trouble with the high temp resin and our printer. It's just ... difficult to work with reliably.

But we got it done, and then sanded everything to fit the frame.

There was a little too much play the first time, so we got a lot of flash, but we fixed that with more sanding.

Please ignore the tabular detritus. It'll be cleaner eventually.

One more shot of the toys made from recycled milk jugs.

They're basically perfect, they took color very well. Processing the jugs was ... I mean, I'll have to find a way to make it a little easier with time, but it works well enough for now.

We generate a giant yard-bag of milk jugs per week at the coffee shop, more often in the busy season, maybe slightly less in the slow season.

This let's us keep them out of the landfills, and let's us make something fun to boot.

Tomorrow, if everything goes according to plan, we'll have a little rubbery Keshi command cody to go with our little rubbery keshi Evil Robot. The digital file for the mold was mostly ready when I left today, but they hadn't started printing it yet.

On Friday, if everything goes according to plan, we'll start milling our own aluminum frames, which should make the rest of this process a little faster.

Next week, We should be able to start assembling full sized 3 3/4 figures.

@goosey I'm going to send you a couple as soon as we get Cody made as a thank you for your support!

@ajroach42 wow, those cyclops look really cool. I can't believe they're plastic bags.

@68km I'm so excited for the potential here.

Recycling bags is Hard, but I think we have a good solution to make it easier.

@ajroach42 do you have any videos about the process yet? I'd love to share it with some folks at work

@68km this weekend, I hope. Still figuring out the finer details, and I need to make the plastic shredding look safer.

@ajroach42 @68km is it documented somewhere online? That might interest some fablabs around here 🙂

One has already set up some recycling facility to make plastic sheets (hmm their site lacks an English page):

@mmu_man @68km I don't think anything we're doing is especially novel, but we don't have it documented anywhere as what you're seeing is literally the first attempt.

We shred the plastic, we shred it again, we shred it a third time, we stick it in the injection molding machine, the injection molding machine heats the plastic until it's a runny slurry, then we apply pressure until we fill the mold.

Yes. Yes, my milk jug minions. Rise, and we shall topple all we must! MwahahahahaHAHAHA well that took me... somewhere.

I do need to say, as a day one ranger fan, this is still feeding me.

@ajroach42 this is so cool. What are you using to shred, and what material are you using for printed molds?

@synthgal a patently unsafe modified cross cut paper shredder.

Siraya sculpt for any plastics. Water washable elegoo resin for polyethylene and thermoplastic elastomer, but not polypropylene.

@ajroach42 that's cool, and I will probably steal that paper shredder idea lol.

I've been experimenting a little bit with molding PLA FDM printer waste in PETG molds and I've had a liiiiiitle success so far.

@synthgal PLA should work for us too, but I haven't actually tried it yet.

Thankfully, with @rosalind we have a fair amount of PLA to test with.

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