One of our newest Makerspace members found this Dwayne The Frog Johnson on thingiverse and printed it.

Now we have dozens of them.

@maddiefuzz The original was water washable grey resin.

The ones you see here are cast in resin.

@ajroach42 Very cool, I thought so. It definitely doesn’t look like an FDM print.

We have an FDM printer at home that we fiddle with sometimes. It’s running a custom configured Marlin on an after market board. It’s an Ender 3 Pro.

@liz knows CAD much better than I do, but I dabble. We mostly use it for designing and printing our own models, often to fix something that’s broken.

@ajroach42 By the time you smell what the frog is cookin', it's too late for him.

@ajroach42 hahaha similar thing happened in the makerspace near me, except with what can only be described as a "Rocktopus"

@ajroach42 🪨HOW 🐸DO 🪨I 🐸GET 🪨ONE 🐸???🪨


This is right after Doctor Doom toots as he pleases.

Doctor Doom riding a strange teal man-beast.

"Ha-Ha. I'm the MASTER of the world!"

Spidey Super Stories #53

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