Hey! Tell me about your favorite indie games.

Platformers, RPGs, Puzzle Games, Adventure games. Maybe other stuff, but not FPSs.

I'm looking for stuff made by small teams or individuals, weird, game jam entries, unfinished, all fine.

It needs to run on linux, or run in an emulator that exists on linux.

Just something I can play for a bit.

Dice builder, most of it is progressing through set waves of enemies but there's a randomized wave generator if you unlock enough. Runs beautifully (at least for me) on WINE.

@ajroach42 platformer. i've heard it described as 'saphhic Sonic' and 'if Treasure made a Sonic game'.

@ajroach42 Sword and Sworcery by Jim Guthrie is very cool if you haven't played it

@ajroach42 I've linked it before, but this is an excellent puzzle game built on an old platformer: It's a bit intense but this has been a fave for a long time

Hyperlight Drifter is pretty epic too


Home Wind kept me busy several hours recently. Free on Stream. Works with Proton.

Platformer, very fun!:
Yoku’s Island Express
Paid, but has a demo.

Vampire Survivors (runs in Proton) is a GotY contender that costs $4.

Imagine if Castlevania was a bullet hell but also a rogue-like but also very chill.
@RevXenoFact @ajroach42

It's so good but it's also one of those games where you say "alright, one more run" until you realize you have to be at work in few hours.

@ajroach42 the last game I had really enjoyed was Inscryption. If you haven't yet seen it, try to go in knowing nothing about it

It's a.. uh... card game.


Slashem. Not Sl-ex. Slashem.
All thing devours. (Z-Machine)
Spiritwrak (Z-Machine)

@ajroach42 Maybe give Duskers a try? Top-down real-time roguelike, where you remote pilot drones around derelict spaceships, looking for resources and trying to figure out what happened. to make everything... uh... derelict.

@ajroach42 Approaching Infinity. Space Roguelike with EVERYTHING in it. Currently being "Evolved" so in Earlt Access.

@ajroach42 it’s not indie but Knights of the old republic is possible my favourite.

@TOC This is not especially helpful, but I'm glad you enjoyed it.

@ajroach42 one of my favorites under this description is Starseed Pilgrim which has pretty short runs. site says it has a linux version but I played it on windows.

@inscript @ajroach42 That game is great! I really liked seeing how it all opened up with enough exploration.

@ajroach42 Anything in the Necrodancer series. My favorite "easy to get into, very hard to master" game. Not platformer, but it gives me the same happy brain juices as my favorite platformers.
Oh and World of Goo is a great puzzle game, I think it has a Linux version, but if not, it should run fine in Wine.
Both are by small teams, although they are pretty well known by know, they both won awards and stuff.

@ajroach42 I almost solely play rando stuff from now, mainly from the Ukraine or BLM bundles. Celeste, Lennas Inception, ROM, Night in the Woods. Valerie Dusk's weird shit will fuck you up, it's great.

The Stanley Parable Ultra-Deluxe just came out, I'm waffling on platform choices atm. TSP 1.0 was the best game of that year. Maybe decade.

@ajroach42 I can vouch for Inscryption. You can also download Kaycee's mod, which is an official mod that adds an extra play mode (I would recommend to do this after beating the game).

Another chill game is Stardew Valley, if you're into cutesy farming sims.

I recently played The shotgun king and it's really fun, a mix between chess and roguelike that was made for ludum dare (and won)

Stardew Valley. Granted, it kinda outgrew the 'indie' tag some, but still. And dwarf fortress for its concept, though I never managed to worm my way into it at all.

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