What are your favorite songs released pre 1950?

@ajroach42 for stuff closest to that cutoff date… or really anything by Louis Jordan that came out before then

@ajroach42 Anything from the Fallout series sound tracks

@ajroach42 Raymond Scott's "Powerhouse" of course, and for something completely different I'll add 1949's original Broadway cast recording of Rodgers and Hammerstein's "South Pacific" for their controversial anti-racist song "You’ve Got To Be Carefully Taught" that almost got the show canceled

@ajroach42 Pretty much most of the jazz standards of the 1940s, including "Take the A Train" and "Cottontail", especially the stuff that presaged the bop and hard-bop styles of Jazz ("Night in Tunisia"). Not a huge fan of big band, but I don't mind it in small doses (much like bluegrass music).

@ajroach42 And as overplayed as it is, Rhapsody in Blue by Geoerge Gershwin:

The recording that I have has a trumpet part that is stunning (I think it's the 1924 recording). The laughter that this trumpeter managed to convey in the opening bars has never been repeated and that's a shame.

@ajroach42 Hobo Bill’s Last Ride is tough to top but Run Rabbit Run and the Reinhardt/Grappelli I Saw Stars are both a lot of fun to sing

@ajroach42 Robert Johnson, "Cross Road Blues"
Charlie Patton
Blind Lemon Jefferson
Muddy Waters

I don't really know a lot of good non-blues before 1950s, and most of my favorites recorded 1950-1970.

I like some classical, but I'm not that picky, and everything I hear was recorded recently.
Richard Thompson's 1000 Years of Pop Music has some good songs, but they're all his post-2000 recording.

@ajroach42 “must be jelly cause jam don’t shake like that”

there’s also a very explicit Jimmy Rodgers one that cracks me up but i can’t recall atm

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