Bluetooth might be my least favorite technology.

It's like printers in that it does a thing that seems like it should be easy but is in fact very very hard, and it does it in a way that almost, but not entirely, works.

Every time I have to think about bluetooth I get angry, and I have to think about bluetooth every time I turn on my computer or get in my car.

@ajroach42 Yeah but it's better than that Flintstones car technology! 🙂

@ajroach42 But you hate cables, remember??? No really, you hate cables. Take my word on this.

@groovestomp I have a 20' long aux cable that I use on a daily basis.

@ajroach42 I hate the clutter, but I hate the clutter less than I hate unreliable wireless protocols. 😄

@ajroach42 I may be biased by the fact that I get nauseous and puke if I try using BT headphones for talking. But all my stuff is wired, except for 2 little BT speakers which play white noise or quiet music, not in my office.

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