Alright I've been sitting on a domain name for two years or more for a project I want to start but haven't started.

I'm going to discuss the idea behind the project, and it's current status, and what it would need to come to fruition, and see if there's anyone in the fediverse that would like to help me see this through.

I suspect I will nerdsnipe sundog with it, but we'll see.



So the domain is

the idea is to build an activity pub compatible/aware piece of BBS software. Add some local only posting, some member to member email, a few door games, etc.

But, ultimately, it's an activity pub aware BBS.

We access it over telnet, we have optional actual dialup.

I did some experimentation with bolting a python mastodon CLI on to mystic bbs and configuring a ... I think it was called a Tosser or a Thrower? I dunno, but configuring a program to bidirectionally sync mystic to the fediverse and visa versa.

It's basically possible to do this with off the shelf tools, and would only need a little glue.

An associated idea here is to make the import/export tools available for things other than BBSs.

I'd love to be able to read the feed of one of my accounts through an email client on DOS, and to reply over SMTP.

We'll see if it ever happens.

@ajroach42 I don't know that I have the skills or time to help bring this to fruition but I am so up for playing with this if/when it happens.

@ajroach42 I am really interested in all of these ideas! A bidirectional email gateway would also suit me well.

@BestGirlGrace @Canageek msync is definitely what I'm calling from the bash scripts I hacked together last year or so, yeah.

Is that what you wrote?

@ajroach42 @BestGirlGrace Yes that is what I was talking about, seems I wasn't helpful, sorry

@Canageek @BestGirlGrace Entirely the reverse. I couldn't remember what it was called, and don't have the codebase in front of me.

Now I know it was mysnc.

Thank you.

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