I need a markdown editor with spellcheck.

I use two browser based markdown editors that don't spell check and it drives me crazy.

I'll take a browser based solution or a desktop solution. I don't care. I just need some spell check.

@ajroach42 What are your qualifications for a Markdown editor versus a normal text editor with spellcheck?

@josias Bells and whistles!

I want to be able to preview the formatted text, and have it automatically handle things like lists.

@ajroach42 I often use ReText for precisely this kind of "I need to edit Markdown and it needs to just have a few of the niceties of a word processor" scenario:

(Project page has one using `pip` to install it but I think it's available in most distro repos, I've always just installed it from `apt` personally.)

@ajroach42 Emacs with flyspell fits your bill for local, and the NextCloud notes app for in-browser.

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