It bothers me that there's no universally recognized storage medium between Floppy Disk and CD-ROM in terms of storage space.

I'm doing a thing that would be really cool to release in a limited fashion on like a MD-DATA disc or a Zip disk or a click! disk or whatever, but no one has those, and they were never popular.

The closest I can get is, like 64MB USB disks or CF cards or SD cards.

I get frustrated by this every so often.


Or, I guess, I could get some flash ROM and burn 16Kbps opus audio files on to ROMs and make cartridges and cartridge readers and really make the whole thing needlessly bespoke.

So CF cards are the move. I'm going to standardize on CF cards for music distribution.

@ajroach42 looks like loads on ebay.
You used to be able to get custom shapes like hearts and stars. Dunno if they're still made though.

@Edent hmm.

I'd be leary of new old stock because the data layer is due to start flaking off any day now.

@ajroach42 That’s an idea. I was thinking minidisc revival, but this is actually obtainable.

@kelbot more seriously, cf card readers are easy. Work over usb with adapters that are plentiful and cheap.

SBCs are plentiful and cheap.

Devices that play audio over USB are plentiful and cheap.

Rigging up a cheap, chintzy solution should be cheap and easy as heck. Going for something fancier should be straightforward.

@ajroach42 Yeah, there's lots of ways you could do it. I was wondering if you had a specific way in mind or specific devices.

@kelbot cf is just ide in a smaller package.

Anything with native ide support needs a passive adapter for CF.

I'm sure shenanigans will be afoot.

@ajroach42 @kelbot as far as it goes, SD cards would probably be an easier sell for making weird devices out of cheap single board computers or SoCs. Basically of them can talk SDIO natively to interface with SD cards, a lot of them come with SD card (or, well, microSD) right on the board already. The IDE interface for CF needs adapters.

(And for systems with IDE, the adapters to connect SD cards to IDE are readily available. I used one of those to convert my iPod classic to flash storage!)

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