The Gamecube and PS2 are more than 20 years old.

When the Gamecube was released in north america (2001) the SNES was 10 years old. The NES (north american release) was 16 years prior.

The Gamecube and PS2 are older now than the NES was when the gamecube and PS2 were released.

I imagine this means that the gamecube and the PS2 and the xbox (and possibly even the wii and the ps3 and the xbox 360?) occupy the retro game space for modern kids that my NES and SNES did for my brother and (to a lesser extent) myself?

So what does the flashcart or homebrew situation look like on the Wii today? On the DS? The PS2?

I'd play the hell out of some PS2 games.

@ajroach42 Definitely. Let me tell you, it was an awful nasty shock the first time I heard someone talk about "playing retro games" and they were talking about a fucking PS2.

And it was years ago. I think the PS3/Xbox 360 are considered "retro" systems now.

@ajroach42 Coinop settled on permanent era-specific names: "bronze age" for 1972-1978 and "golden age" for 1979-1982. 1983-1988 or 1989 is more nebulous and there's less agreement, I've seen "post-crash" but wouldn't say it's widely accepted. 1990s generally is just "JAMMA," the semi-standard edge connector pinout, though many games from the era didn't use it or abused it. Not much happening 2000+, so no name I'm aware of for that.

@ajroach42 Consoles have "first-gen" (VCS era), "second-gen" (NES/Master System), "third-gen" (SNES/Genesis). I've just seen them on Wikipedia, I don't spend much time in those circles, so not sure if these are standard or not.

@ieure @ajroach42

If "Torrent" collector types are to believed: those are 'standard.'

@ieure @ajroach42 They are very standard, and continue into fifth for the PS1 and its contemporaries and so on, which makes the PS5 the ninth generation.

@ieure @ajroach42 (and of course by "very standard" I mean "very de facto standard", "very widely understood", even if people don't tend to use those names a lot for 6th onwards)

@ajroach42 I definitely got a feeling that the PS2 would prove to be something like the next generation's NES during that era. It just kept on keeping on, fitting a smaller and smaller budget, loaded with an ever increasing number of new classics.

Wish I'd held onto mine, or tried fixing it when it started acting up, but I wasn't confident with electronics back then. Still barely just experimenting now tbh.

(And to me, "retro" was my uncle's Intellivision or that grid of red lights submarine handheld game, and time keeps on slippin' slippin' slippin....)

Neat to see what changes and what stays the same, too.

@jlbesq @ajroach42 the PS2 definitely is. It is by the most widely sold console in history, beating the NES, and in developing countries it still has a huge following thanks to the ubiquity of its media format, the DVD. Here in Brazil, to this day you see mods of old FIFAs being sold on the streets (literally), with the player updates to the current season.

@ajroach42 to contribute a mini data point, I went to a music and culture festival today, where a mostly-traditional and physical games stand had a couple of original Xboxes set up for retro gaming.

@ajroach42 PS2 still requires modding the ps2 and getting a custom memcard I think. The memcard is everywhere on ebay but not to sure about the actual system mod.

Outside of playing on the actual hardware, the emulation scene of PS2 is currently amazing, the emulator runs insanely well and can change the rendering quality to be really high res which looks better on modern screens compared to the low res made for CRTs.

I'd recomend the nightly builds:

Keep us updated!

@BuyMyMojo The last time I tried to emulate a ps2 it Sucked.

What kind of hardware performance do you need for that?

@ajroach42 The "stable" build has always been slow to update and typically runs a lot slower, last update was 2020 but the nightly builds currently run super well.

Don't think you need that high end hardware, my criminally underpowered laptop with a AMD 3200U (2 core 4 threads with 3 vegas gpu cores. basically a smol boi) could run it, admitedly not well but it could.

as long as you're using the experimental build the performance should be pretty great

@BuyMyMojo @ajroach42 I know there’s a PS2 hard drive mod using the network adapter. I’ve never done it, but it doesn’t look *that* bad. Some soldering I think

@DoctorDeathray @ajroach42 I think you need to mod the actual PS2 for that still but yeah the official hard drive adapter is pretty great if you have a fat ps2



A raspberry pi original model running samba, powered by the usb port, is enough to host images. Of course, this has the disadvantage that if you power off the ps2, your rpi power also goes, so ... try to avoid writes (i.e. don't be doing any saves and suddenly power off... maybe just power the rpi separately.)

Wii: homebrew is still awesome,

DS: still probably easiest with a R4 card, not sure where you get one today.
DSi: similar

(tic80 runs on both, good example of homebrew for them; is rather slow, but hey, it's not a i7 (: )


... oh I forgot you do need to know someone who has a FMCB memory card, which will then allow you to access YOUR memory card and put the files on it. Basically, with a FMCB memory card, you just sort of boot the ps2 and the exploit runs and you can execute elf files on either the memory card, usb, or a CD.

Or if you know someone with a modded ps2, you can run an elf file, and then you put the files on your memory card, and ... the exploit runs when it's in the ps2.

Anyway there are a LOT of ps2 exploits, and one will work on your unit(s) and you can just then run a program to set up your memory card to trigger an exploit and run an elf program at boot. Either your own, or someone else's. Like openloader. Or one of the dual pane file managers.

It's a neat platform for writing programs on.

@ajroach42 Wii is softmod, PS2 is also, if you can burn a DVD or buy a memory card from eBay with Free Mcboot on it you can play all your isos from over the network. for Wii
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