This is a thread where I promote some of the t-shirts we've made at the ellijay makerspace.

These are real t-shirts that anyone can purchase.

Our lord and Savior Macho Man

This one is also available in purple on a yellow background on a white shirt. It looks really nice, I'll share pictures of it tomorrow.

Maybe my favorite, an advertisement for our coffee shop that says "Don't even talk to me after I've had my Coffee"

It's printed in white on black or grey.

I was aiming for us to do 1 new design for every day of July.

We didn't manage that, but we came pretty close.

23 original designs printed, I think. If you include different color schemes, and different combinations of front and back prints, we're closer to 50.

We have 15 or 20 more pieces ready to make screens, but it will be five or six days before I get another batch of blank screens.

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