I found a torrent of the main event from Flair's last match, but I can't find the rest of the event.

I would like to find the rest of the event.

If anyone else turns it up, let me know!

@thraeryn not yet! Power was out when I got home, storms in the area, so I didn't start it.

@ajroach42 Without spoiling, Ric has some rough moments in the match. People were pretty worried last night.

@thraeryn I'm not surprised. I expect it to be rough.

I'm honestly most excited about seeing the match with rock and roll express, but I have to find a way to watch that still.

@ajroach42 On hearing it'd be a tag team match, people got some not-unreasonable ideas about how the match might go.

It did not go that way.

I didn't watch it. I see plenty of Andradé & Lethal, and I've seen plenty of Flair. I wish I'd never seen Double J 😅

@thraeryn not a Jeff Jarret fan? I don't know much about what he's done since, say, 2016.

I was a fan of his time in WCW, and I was a fan of the fact that he started a TNA.

I don't know much else about him.

@ajroach42 He's just another carny mark for himself to me. I'm glad TNA came along—a lot of good stuff happened there, still happens in Impact—but wrestling's SECOND answer to El Kabong could pass me on the street and I'd be annoyed we were in the same town.

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