I would like to share a link to a website that is cluttered with ads.

My ad blocker means that I don't have to deal with these ads. I imagine most of you also have ad blockers.

But some of you are on mobile, where ad blocking is less easy, or on work machines where ad blockers are disallowed.

Is there an advertising stripping proxy I can shoot this link through that'll spit it back as if it was viewed with an adblocker?

@ajroach42 If you have access to a wallabag instance you can share a page that way.

@kelbot @ajroach42 Wallabag's export to PDF feature is great, too! I share articles like that all the time!

@rgegriff @kelbot @ajroach42 through wallabag you can also share just html with text and images

@ajroach42 Pocket or other bookmark/sharing service will generally do that. I mostly pass them thru wayback, which *mostly* works at killing ads & cookie popups.

@mdhughes @ajroach42 This tracks with what I usually do. Pocket is worth the subscription for me for just this reason.

@ajroach42 For people on iOS, the best ad blocker I've found is Adguard Pro:
The paid version supports custom blocklists including uBlock syntax.

Deals on the paid version here:

Also, if you want something like PiHole, they have AdGuard Home, which is free and more performant and featureful than PiHole:

And if you're using Safari on macOS, which also doesn't have that many adblocker options, there's AdGuard for Safari.

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