I've been real fuzzy for a few days.

I'm feeling fairly sharp right now, but it's too little, and not often enough.

I dunno what's up.


I mean, it's stress related, I'm overworked, I'm probably not sleeping enough or eating well enough.

But this feels different than that.

@ajroach42 you need to go out, you don't have to socialize if you don't want to. Go out somewhere to the beach, bring food with you, and maybe you can also meditate.

@rohmatsb The nearest beach is 6 hours away, and I have a full time job an businesses to run.

I don't *need* any one specific thing, except maybe some rest, and to read a book.

But what I want is to launch our television network and start our fundraising drive.

@ajroach42 @rohmatsb

Hard to do that if you're not in a good place cognitively. Self-care, then special projects. Don't burn out before you even start.

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