Here are some stills from one of our other Sony Vidicon tube cameras.

This footage was taken at one of our recent concerts. Two of the stills are as they came off the camera, two with the luma and gain adjusted.

This camera and lens is much worse than the new one, but it's in the same family.

The new one should have better low light response, and be easier to frame and focus (thanks to the much larger view finder) but the overall footage will still be black and white standard def video.

@ajroach42 Ooh vidicon tube! Have you managed to interface it with something that can record yet?

@freakazoid It has composite out. My composite capture rig is nothing fancy, just an ez-cap in to OBS or a standalone hardware recorder.

But yeah, I can get video out.

@ajroach42 Cool. I came very close to buying a tube camera when I was obsessed with analog but was never sure whether I'd be able to interface with it. I was also worried I'd end up going too far trying to build an analog recording pipeline.

I won't be surprised if you're showing off a commercial videotape recorder next.

@freakazoid oh, I have a lot of tube cameras. We use them often. I even built a backpack power/video capture unit for eiaj-1.

This one runs on AC, which is frankly frightening.

I don't have any pro video tape formats at the moment (I mean, I've probably got a DV Cam rig somewhere, but that hardly counts and is an all digital format). I do have an open reel consumer VTR (the second model ever produced, the first that ran on batteries) on the shelf waiting for repair, as well as a broadcast video camera from 48 that's currently down for repairs.

I'll strongly consider picking up a Umatic or betacam deck if I ever find one locally, but I'm not owning ebay prices.


Does the tube glow a bit when you look down the lens?

I seem to remember a glow coming out of a video camera in the mid 80s, but such early memories are usually a bit suspect

@RL_Dane I haven't noticed it glowing, but that doesn't mean it doesn't.

@ajroach42 think I used one just like that in the early 1980s.

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