I wrote a thing explaining what I'm working on with New Ellijay TV , and asking people to participate.

It's here fileshare.ellijaymakerspace.or

I think it sells what we're trying to build pretty well, and makes the case for why we're doing it.

If you're interested in what I'm trying to do, or struggling to understand, you're welcome to read it as well.

This link was broken when I posted it. Its not broken now.

LMAO, facebook says this post "goes against community standards" and that "my account may be suspended."

Get fucked facebook.

They are so terrified of any threat to their power.

They are useless as a tool for organizing any meaningful resistance.

I started a facebook group because we're trying to reach people who are on facebook. Find them there, pull them elsewhere.

But facebook can't be depended on.

@Anarkat thanks. One of the options for sharing is "only signed in users can edit, forbid guests" and one is "only signed in users can edit" and I picked the wrong one.


That's insane that they flagged that post! What in it is "against community standards"?

Is it maybe because you mentioned OAN, Glenn Beck and Alex Jones, and Facebook is running extremely dumb keyword-detection AI and thinks those are Naughty Words?

@natecull I suspect it has more to do with and the Fred Hampton link.

@ajroach42 For some reason the preview thingy in Mastodon links to the HedgeDoc instance itself, not the document. 🤔
The text link in the post does work.

@csepp Hmm.

Perhaps I will not use hedge doc for sharing documents in the future.

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