Alpha version of the app is currently being tested locally.

It's running on two roku devices, and ... It works! It looks okay! It has roughly 75% of the functionality I want.

I'm calling this a win.

We have it styled more or less how I want. It looks stately, but not exactly Flashy. Profession-ish rather than professional.


This is good.

Some photos.

since I took these we've darkened the background image, but otherwise left the layout the same.

I don't love the color of our Icon, but I didn't pick that.

@connor_dylan did. This is the first application he's ever developed for any platform under any circumstances. He did all the things you're seeing here, himself, with the docs and me providing guidance.

(This is a fork of the open source channel PeerVue)

I'll get our sourcecode published as soon as I've got the app in a publishable state.

There are still two big changes (and a bunch of small ones) to make before I want anyone else using this.

1) remove the "Instance Select" dialogue. We have the whole thing strapped to the NETV peertube, but the UI elements for selecting another instance remain, vestigial. We need to hack them off. I tried my hand at this earlier, but I misformed something in the XML and everything broke.

2) Change the home page to show Tags rather than Local, Trending, Discover, New and remove anything that shows videos by Account (it's all one account.) (This should be a minor change, but it will have a big impact.)

We're planning on doing one channel per show, with Playlists per season.

I think that's the easiest way for me to ensure that videos appear in the right order all the time.

Eventually, we'll want to take things a step further and do some meta-metadata that is pulled from a source other than peertube and displayed in place of the peertube data, so we can have each show get it's own card, rather than a whole row.

Eventually, we'll want to stick some trailers in the spot where we currently have a preview card.

But yeah! It's happening.

So! I say again, if you want to have the videos you make seen by a bunch of weirdos on the internet and a few thousand people in a couple of small towns in the north GA mountains, get in touch.

New Ellijay TV launches soon!

@Jetengineweasel we're making a roku channel (and an android app and an android TV app) for a local access web streaming/VOD platform that launches in a month or so.

It's built on peertube, so I forked the peervue roku channel to serve as the base of our application.

Peervue can't be an official roku channel because of lots of reasons around content moderation, but if we lock the app to a single instance, and implement some of the other niceties that they demand, we should be able to publish our own channel for our network.

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