Local church owns all the parking in my small town.

They are throwing their annual temper tantrum over people who do not attend the church using that parking during the busy season down town.

They don't mind the rest of the year, apparently, but every time the town starts to prosper, they have to remind us that we're getting too big for our britches, I guess?

Anyway, one day I'll run for local office and seize control of all of their parking via eminent domain, and convert it to public parking, and charge for access on Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights as a way to raise revenue for the town.

@ajroach42 Or, how about focus on making the town walkable and bikeable, maybe get a share taxi (like LA Metro's LAnow or Tulsa Transit's Nightline) going if quality fixed route service isn't viable?

Then eminent domain the parking for a park and a bike corral or two.


@BalooUriza @bluestarultor I live in a small rural town in the mountains. Most people who avail themselves of the town live more than 25 miles away.

No amount of walkable city removes the need for some car infrastructure, and no town this small can afford to invest in the kind of infrastructure it would require to solve this problem with real public transit.

We need a trolley and some busses, but we're not sense enough to get away with no cars.

@ajroach42 @BalooUriza @bluestarultor There's still things that can be done in a longer-term plan - maybe free parking on the outskirts of downtown, with maybe some paid parking and free accessible parking closer in, with a focus on walkable and bikeable infrastructure within town.

But yeah, what works for a metro area doesn't necessarily work for a rural town that acts as a hub for the surrounding area.

@bhtooefr LAnow is kind of different in that it's trying to apply the typical rural transit model to the middle of the city.

@ajroach42 @bluestarultor

@ajroach42 I'm not saying "no cars", but it is possible to make it so the folks in town can comfortably leave the car at home for in-town trips. Kinda negates the need for excessive parking..


@BalooUriza @bluestarultor right. Town is walkable. And only about a mile wide.

3k people live within the city limits and once you're there no one drives.

This parking is for the 20k people who use thr city who live in the rural countryside.

@ajroach42 @BalooUriza Just going to put it out there that this is an excellent example of something I've written about before: the utter failure of the Left to understand rural America. You can't fix someone's problems if you don't get an understanding of their problems first.

The problem here was a church being entitled, not infrastructure.

@bluestarultor I saw it as both infrastructure and entitlement. I'm just pleasantly surprised it's mostly the entitlement part for once.


@BalooUriza @ajroach42 You'd be surprised how walkable small towns actually are. They have to be so people can stumble from one bar to the next. XD

Seriously, having lived in one with a population under 1000, the town itself was walkable end to end by a small child. The church dominated the center and the rest of the "industry" was a video rental store the size of a bedroom, a diner, and 3 bars, with the sewage plant on the outskirts. The rest was residential.

@bluestarultor Oh, I definitely get it!
I really consider anything over about 2500 a city, and by 5000 you're probably large enough to at least have fixed route rural service and a dollar cab for the town and adjacnet areas. Especially since ~5000 is the average settlement size in the US.

@BalooUriza @bluestarultor I'm not enjoying this conversation. I'd appreciate it if you stopped tagging me in replies, should you choose to continue.

@BalooUriza @ajroach42 Oh. I forgot the grocery store they set up in an empty lot next to my cousins' house. That got built after I moved there. A house sized grocery, essentially, owned by the snottiest princess in class. XD

Small towns have a small footprint, so everything is mostly right there in the center that acts as the anchor for it all. It's only when you start growing that things get harder to access as you build further from that core.

@ajroach42 "We could afford to build parking lots and maintain public transit if you paid your taxes."

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