I love this review.

It says Star Wars is delightful because it lets the viewer imagine a film better than Star Wars.


Delany, the author of this review, is one of the most thoughtful writers I've ever read.

@ajroach42 It is, after all, Chip Delaney, one of the best writers of the '70s-80s. If you haven't read his books, get to it. Dhalgren's the one book to read if you read any, but he never wrote a bad book.

@mdhughes I've read Jewels of Aptor and Captives of the Flame and Babel-17. Maybe a few others?

@ajroach42 Oh wow -- I envy you. Delaney is my most favorite SF writer of all time. (Also one of the most underappreciated.)

The three works you've read are from his "earlier" period -- he took a break from writing and came back a _different_ writer. You get to read books like _Dhalgren_, _Triton_, and _Tales from Neveryona_ all for the first time.

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