I saw some pixelbooks the other day...

That's the chromebook that google designed in house, with the unreasonable nice display and the overpowered for a chromebook hardware and the all day battery life.

You remember.

I saw it and I was Enamored. It's a beautiful piece of hardware.

I imagine it's useless, as it's a chromebook and I imagine all chromebooks are useless.

Can someone who has used one chime in and tell me if it is actually useless? Is there a way I can make it useful?

I had a chromebook when they were new.

In order to do anything fun with it, I had to set up some kind of chroot environment.

I don't want to do that.

But it would be kind of fun to get it booting in to a full screen GemDOS or, like, an amiga emulator.

How locked down is this thing?


So it looks like they'll run debian in a container out of the box. That's neat.

Stick it in dev mode and it'll let you install another OS.

That's neat.

There are a couple for sale locally for less than $200, so I might pick one up and fiddle with it as a Not-Work laptop.


I've crammed galliumos on an x86 acer chromebook a few years ago and it's still happily in use in our house.

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