Regarding my last post. "Art isn't dead, you're just stuck watching corporate sh**" (Disney/Marvel/DC/EA Games/Blizzard/ Activision)

I was talking with a friend about it.
90% of what I consume is indie media. Bcz I learned habits that allow me to find cool indie stuff seamlessly.

But it can be hard for ppl who are used to just consume what is trending, to just go off the grid with their media.

Maybe we need something like a "manual to abandon corporate media". It could be a Zine.


@BroCrow I'd be down for that.

I'm working on a piece of a zine right now about the early history of DIY TV (and, you know, I do a lot of stuff like

@ajroach42 oh that's really cool. Do you have like a "beta" version I could check? Even if it's not ready?

Also this is actually really cool. I've been getting into decentralized/open source media lately. Maybe check Peer tube? I'm thinking about starting to upload videos there eventually.

@ajroach42 oh, as I said I'm new to this side of the internet. So all content on can be found on the fediverse right?

@ajroach42 AWESOME, yeah it works!

I'm thinking about starting a peertube channel soon. And dabbling with other fediverse platforms like the instagram equivalent.

When I get a good understanding of this new way to consume media. I want to try and make a bunch of collabs with this.

@BroCrow Pixelfed still had a ways to go the last time I looked at it, but it showed promise.

I wish you luck.

@ajroach42 I wish we had something like a Tumblr equivalent. But Pixelfed looks interesting atm.

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